7 days / 6 nights with 5 full days kayaking in Danube Delta

danube delta kayakingThis is a kayak tour in Danube Delta offered by us with everything included. It’s about a 7 days / 6 nights with full 5 days kayaking + 6 nights accommodation in 3*** hotel or pension + guide in a kayak + luggage boat (not following you but meet with it at lunch and in the evening) + 3 meals / day including water + airport transfer (both ways).

kayak tours danube deltaThe program is like this:

Day 1 – Pick you up from Bucharest Airport and transfer you to a 3*** hotel in Tulcea (accommodation in double rooms). If you reach hotel not too late we can do a meeting at the hotel, we’ll give you all the infos about the tour. If you have enough time we reccomend you a visit to the Danube Delta Museum (very close to the hotel).

Day 2 – Day 6- Starting the tour from Tulcea in the morning and paddle to Cot Candura – Mila 23 – Crisan – Uzlina. We paddle on small chanels, wild lakes, in fact we try to reach “civilisation” only in the evening when we accommodate in 3*** pensions and eat a good traditional fishermen dinner. Every day, after breakfast we depart on a new route, lunch be prepared by our 2 guides on the spot and you can help them. We’ll have tradional fish soup (made right there), every day another receipe OR grill (fish, pork or chicken) + a big traditional salad. Water for everyone but no other drinks. In days when we’ll stay in the same village, the luggage boat will not carry the lugage but will come at lunch and we’ll prepare the meal. If you’ll need anything from the village you can ask the guide to bring you.

danube delta accommodationDay 7 – After breakfast we transfer you to Murighiol where the bus for airport is waiting for us.


The boats we use for this tour are single kayaks, double kayaks and / or canoes. You can find details here: Kayak renting in Danube Delta. Please let us know what kind of boat do you want.

The luggage boat. Will not follow us, will not disturb us. The boat will start before us in the morning, after lunch, with the luggage, food and every thing. You’ll have in the kayak only what you need till lunch time, water, photo camera and what you consider. We’ll met the boat again on the lunch spot, with a ready place for preparing the food and you can see or even help the guides to cook. Then the boat will leave again and we’ll meet with it again in the evening, at the sleeping spot.

kayak renting danube deltaThe tour

The kayak tour is not a race, we paddle slowly, is more a Discover Danube Delta trip. We stop from time to time for relaxation, we visit shallow water lakes, invaded of vegetation which is a shelter for many species of birds and animals. When we find places with many birds like pelicans, herons, white tailed eagles, ibises, coots, ducks, geese, swans and other, we can make a stop to watch them and take some photos.

The average of the distance per day is about 25 km. It is not too much, every one can do it.

lunch on the spot kayakingThe guides

Are very nice guys from Danube Delta, they speak english (good level), they know Danube Delta very well, they know nature very well, they now were to go and how to survive in any conditions. Some of them have military special training in survival. One of the guides will drive the luggage boat, one of them will be all the time with you, paddling in his kayak.

You must bring with you:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, appropriate for the season -  suggested: sun hat, long sleeves, long pants. If you are not sure what is appropriate, you may contact us by email and we will be happy to offer you some suggestions. Please use the weather services to inform yourself accordingly.
  • Sun protectors
  • Insect repellents
  • Waterproof protection for cameras, phones and other electronic devices
  • Waterproof bags or barrels for clothing and equipment (or you can rent from us).

danube delta foodThe luggage

Even if we’ll use a luggage boat, please do not take anything in exces, limit to what is realy neccesary.

The price for this tour is:

No of pers Kayak Tour full 5 days (Tulcea – Uzlina)
Assisted Tour all-in
4 940
6 820
8 750
10 720
<12 700

Price is in EURO, per person and VAT is included.

kids in kayakThe price include:

  • Picking up from Airport and transport you to Tulcea (and back)
  • Accommodation in 3*** hotel or pension, in double rooms, for 6 nights
  • 3 meals / day, starting with dinner DAY1 and finishing with breakfast in DAY7, water is included, plates and cutlery included (not necessary to bring with you)
  • 2 guides, one in kayak, will stay with you all the time, one driving the luggage boat, bringing fresh food every day
  • Danube Delta Administration permit fee (we will need the complete name of each one, as is in the ID or passport, few days in advance to buy the permits)
  • luggage boat, gasoline included FOR the program, if you need additional trips gasoline will be paid.
  • single or double kayak + PFD + paddle
  • transportation from Uzlina Pension to Murighiol in DAY7


Have to be done at least 7 days before the trip.

Booking is done by paying a deposit of 50% of the trip price.


Please write to us (romanian or english) -  iliuta@fotonatura.ro

Or call us (romanian or english) – +40 740 357 073

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