7 Days Kayak Tour in Danube Delta (Assisted)

kayak tours danube deltaIs a very comfortable kayak tour in Danube Delta, with no luggage in or on kayak, all the luggage will be in the assistance boat. That means that you can paddle more easier, you can explore more. The guide will be in the assistance boat where you can also stay from time to time if you want to take a break.


This kayak tour in Danube Delta can be done from 15 of april up to 15 of november.

No of persons

Max no of persons: 10 (in single or double kayaks).

kayaking danube deltaBoats

The boats we use for this tour are single kayaks, double kayaks and / or canoes. You can find details here: Kayak renting in Danube Delta. Please let us know what kind of boat do you want.


Day 1 – In the afternoon you have to reach Select Hotel in Tulcea, here is the first and the last night accommodation (and breakfast). Technical briefing in the evening. Everyone bring it’s own food so it’s a good idea to go shopping in the evening (we can come with you) and buy some food for the first 2 days (for the rest of the days you can buy fresh food from the villages).

danube delta kayaks toursDay 2 – 9 a.m. We get familiar with the kayaks, arrange the luggage in the assistance boat and start. We’ll start paddling slowly downstream on the Danube to the intersection with Channel 36 (about 30 min).  We continue on channel Mila 36, ​​Garla Sireasa to Scaunele (intersection with Sontea). There will be enough time for slower paddling, occasionally breaks to stretch our legs.

Around noon we may afford a longer break for about an hour and we eat. After lunch we start a new tour until evening, when we must reach Cot Candura. On our way, we’ll visit flooded areas, small lakes and channels. Dinner will be at the camp fire.

kayakingEveryone will spleep in own tents. For reducing the amount of luggage it is a good idea to sleep 2 perosns in a tent.

Day 3 – Our tour for the day will start on Sontea Channel, up to Mila 23. This is a very picturesque tour, we may encounter many birds, wild vegetation, lakes and small channels. We will stop many times to take pictures. A 2 hours lunch break will follow, on the shore. For the afternoon, we will take another tour on very small channels and lakes.  In the evening, we’ll be in Mile 23 Village. You may sleep in your own tents or in a local pension (optional).

Mile 23 is a pretty village in the middle of the Danube Delta. A visit through the village may be organized, upon request, in the evening.

danube delta kayak rentingDay 4 – One hour before sunrise, we start an exploration of  some of the wildest areas of the Danube Delta: Complex Matita – Merhei by Channel and Lake Babina, Lake Matita, Lake Miazazi, Dunarea Veche. Since this is a long ride, leaving at the stated hour is of outmost importance, so that we reach Canton Dovnica in the evening, where we will camp for the night.

Day 5 – We break our fast in a relaxed atmosphere, then we paddle on the Old Danube – Ceamurlia, downstream to Madgearu Canal, crossing the channel to reach Letea Village, somewhere in the early afternoon. We may leave the kayaks in a local yard (boarding can be accommodate, but booking in advance is necessary). We will hurry up to catch last 2-3 hours of good light for photography in the unique area of Letea Forest, using a safari car.

kayak tour romaniaDay 6 – Another relaxed morning: we take a new kayak tour, passing a wonderful channel, Garla Barbosu on our way to Sulina, cutting through water lilies. We stop at Sulina beach, for swimming and resting.

In the evening you can sleep in your tent or in a guesthouse (optional).

Day 7 – Optional program: Early in the morning (before sunrise), short trip to Musura Gulf and Birds Island, the newest island in Romania. This program will be organized only upon request and it also depends on the weather conditions. Whether or not the optional program is performed, about 10 a.m. the ship will start its trip back to Tulcea, where we arrive in the evening and accommodate in Select Hotel.

Day 8 – Breakfast is served and rooms are freed. End of tour.

assisted kayak toursYou must bring with you:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Food, you will be able to buy fresh food from local villages (not every day but at least once in two days)
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, appropriate for the season -  suggested: sun hat, long sleeves, long pants. If you are not sure what is appropriate, you may contact us by email and we will be happy to offer you some suggestions. Please use the weather services to inform yourself accordingly.
  • Sun protectors
  • Insect Repellents
  • Waterproof protection for cameras, phones and other electronic devices
  • Impermeable bags or barrels for clothing and equipment (or you can rent from us).

night kayakingLuggage

When you plan your luggage for a trip with the kayaks, you must pack light, and only necessary stuff. You do not need fancy clothing. Remember that space is limited in the kayak, any extra pounds will make it harder for you to row and keep up with the team.

Please consider also bringing small tents, just enough for one or two persons, or, if shared, consider using it to its maximum occupancy.


In this kind of  tour you have to bring your food. Everyone can take prefered food. You may bring snacks with you, that do not require refrigeration, well packaged. Cereal and energy bars are a very good idea, as well as individual wrapped cheeses, sweets, dry fruits, fresh, firm fruits.

night campingCamping

Setting up and breaking up the tent is your responsibility, the guide may assist, but you must do it yourself.


No of pers

Kayak Tour 7d/6n (Letea – Sulina)

Assisted Tour









 10 > 20


Price is per person and is expressed in Euro (EUR)

small chanels*We do not mix groups, your price will be your no of persons of your group price. Please take consideration that not all people understand the same thing in paddling or “fun”. We want to offer you the best quality trip so we will guide only your group at a time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Price includes:

  • Kayak rental for 7 days (please choose your boat when you book this trip) including life jackets and paddles
  • Guide – will drive the assistance boat (the guide knows romanian and english)
  • Price of the safari trip in Letea Forest
  • Accommodation and breakfast in Hotel Select ***, in the first and the last night
  • Danube Delta visitors permits fee (we will need the complete name of each one, as is in the ID or passport few days in advance to buy the permits)
  • Picking up of the kayaks
  • Your transfer Sulina – Tulcea by passenger ship (ferry)
  • Assistance boat for days 2-6, gas is included

alternative kayaksOptional


  •   in Mila 23 Delta House 4 **** Pension Paradise (50 euro/double room/night)
  •   in Crisan, Casa Calin 3 *** (35 euro/double room/night)
  •   in pension in Letea ** (30 euro/double room/night)
  •   in Sulina in 3*** or 4****  pension (40-50 euro / double room/night)

Airport transfer (from Bucharest Henry Coanda or Aurel Vlaicu Airports) to Tulcea (price by request, depending by no of persons)

Bookings and details

Please write to us (romanian or english) -  iliuta@fotonatura.ro

Or call us (romanian or english) – +40 740 357 073

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