How to reach Tulcea


1. By Car

a) From Bucharest:  Bucharest – Slobozia (AUTOSTRADA SOARELUI (Sun Highway) – 100 km) A2 EXIT from A2 at Drajna! and follow Slobozia sign– Harsova – Tulcea (270 km)


Exit from Autostrada Soarelui to Cernavoda (cross the city) and head to Saraiu (an GPS will be very usefull, the roads are not so good marked here) the road is beautiful and you will meet only few cars. From Saraiu head directly to Tulcea

b) From Constanta, you have 2 options:

  • Constanta – Murighiol, through Enisala, I mean from Constanta head to Babadag, in Babadag turn right to Enisala and then head to Agighiol, turn right again and then keep it stright to Murighiol (120 km), then head to Tulcea
  • Direct Constanta – Tulcea: Constanţa – Tulcea DN 22 (E87) crossing Babadag like before (129 km)

c) From Galati : Galati – cross by ferry in Galati, over Danube – I.C. Brătianu – Garvăn (DN 22E) – Tulcea (DN 22 (E87), 89 km