4 Days Kayak Tour in Danube Delta – Super Assisted (Confort ++)

kayak tour danube deltaThis kayaks tour in Danube Delta is a new program made by FotoDelta.ro.

It is a great assistanceof the paddlers who want to  feel all the comfort behind them, a very relaxed tour. Practical assistance is provided by a floating hotel that we meet for lunch and dinner (and night, of course). At noon for lunch, change clothes, a little rest, internet access. In the evening we meet again floating hotel for sleep on it. Advantages: we carry NO luggage, we take in the kayaks only what we need to strictly half-day tour, sleep in excellent conditions, we have all the meals available in the floating restaurant, we have access to electricity for charging various devices, internet access.

Program proposal:

kayaks tours in danube deltaDay 1 – afternoon we meet in Tulcea (max 3 o’clock), we embark on floating hotel and proceed to the Delta. We have about 40 minutes to put our luggage in the room and change into our kayak clothes  and when we reach the intersection with Canal 36, descend into kayaks and start downstream in a short ride. Visit small lakes and channels, with very shallow water, places only accessible by kayak or canoes. In the evening we meet the floating hotel (Flotel) at Sireasa channel, we go aboard and we are … home. We have a dinner based on local fresh fish (unless you specified otherwise specified) and then view pictures taken during the day.

Day 2 – In the morning we have a good breackfast and the we start on water continuing on chanesl Sireasa, Sontea, enter in Lake Fortuna searching for pelicans and then re-enter on Sontea, Olguta and we meet again the Flotel for lunch. After lunch we take rest and then take again the kayaks and do the evening shift: crossing Olguta Channel crossing, enter the lakes Vacaru, Ligheanca, Sontea and the Old Danube, here we find the Flotel anchored near the village of Mila 23.

We take dinner and watch the photos taken in this day.

kayak trip danube deltaDay 3 – We wake up very early and make an absolutely special trip with  kayaks, a ride at sunrise. Departure is in the dark, an hour before sunrise. Go out on the lake and see a sunrise as you can see only in the Danube Delta. We take 2 sandwiches with us and something sweet to resist until 10 o’clock on the lake and then go back to the Flotel for a  hearty breakfast (a hybrid between breakfast and lunch) and then go to rest or free program. At 16:00 o’clock we go back on the water, for the last shift of the kayaks tour of this program, a little shift on absolutely wild channels, canals full of vegetation, where we can see many bird. In the evening we meet on Sontea Chanel the Flotel, at the intersection with Olguta. We have dinner, music, choose the best photos of the trip and prepare them for viewing.

Day 4 – Early morning, the Flotel start to Tulcea (upstream), we find ourselves willingly, we need to be rested for the return trip home. Have coffee ready when you wake up, on the terrace, drinking coffee in a slow cruise through the Delta. After breakfast we make a projection with selected photos of the evening. Somewhere around noon we arrive in Tulcea and achor the Flotel after eating lunch on the ship.

kayak toursAs you can see is a very relaxed, a program of discovery of the Danube Delta, part of its most wild and untouched part, in comfort.

The price of the program is:


No of pers Kayak Tour 4d/3n (Flotel)
Super Assisted
6 720
8 570
10 470
12 420
20 400

Price is in Euro, per person and include VAT.

The price includes:

kayaking in danube deltaFlotel of 6 or 10 rooms (if necessary), in cruise mode. Accommodation is on the Flotel, in double rooms.
A small boat for  assistance, if that requires intervention
Meals starting with dinner on the first day and ending with lunch in day 4
Kayaks and canoes available to their participants (including life jackets, paddles and a waterproof  kit / boat), you can choose for single or double kayak or canoe
Guide, will go with you, in his kayak


Reservations and details on +40 740 357 073 or iliuta@fotonatura.ro.

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