Special Kayak Tour: “Couple Therapy”

Special program

two in a kayakOpus theory “let’s take a brake” we offer an unique program: Special Kayak Tour – “Couple Therapy”

problems in paradiseThe reasons can be manifold:

  •    It’s not working
  •    It’s not working anymore
  •    We don’t “paddle” in same direction
  •    Is different then beginning


  •     I want to know whom is my side
  •     I want to know him / her in the special conditions

therapy in kayakSo my dear, if you want to know, to discover your partner or you want to restore a relationship, after a week in the Delta, in the same kayak and the same tent, you could say “and they lived happily ever after” or … .. see clearly how is the situation :-) .

We give you:

  •     A double kayak
  •     2 paddles
  •     2 life jackets
  •     a tent
  •     a mattress width limit in which only sleeps 2 people
  •    kayak danube delta a plate and two forks and spoons (no knives!), glasses and stuff
  •     a map (perhaps a GPS – it will be a good reason caused strife!)
  •     a champagne at the endpoint (only those we find laughing)

Optionally we can give you:

  •     Assistance boat, it will stay at a distance large enough to ensure you privacy but will carry luggage. The guide is not allowed to help you to the installation of the tent, cooking and other things. He will let your luggage on shore and leave to sleep elsewhere. Comes only when you call.
  • kayak tour danube delta   Referee / bodyguard
  •     Psychologist
  •     If is neccesary, even godparents will be :-)

You have to bring:

  •     Food and water (per your preference)
  •     Clothing and personal effects
  •     Blankets or sleeping bags
  •    Your partner

danube delta kayakYou may not bring:

  •     Devices to listen music in headphones
  •     Weapons
  •     Mother in law!

The program would be this:

We meet at the ferry crossing point Tulcea in the day that together establish, not later than 11 o’clock. You put yourself in kayaking bags and depart downstream the Danube (will give you a map with the route drawn on it). The first night you sleep in tent, in nature (you have no other option). The next night you can choose between sleeping in tent or sleeping in hostels / local hotels.
couple therapyAlong the way you have the all the time in the world to talk and you have the opportunity to solve many problems.

Remember that in a kayak partners must ensure the balance of the boat, boath partners must paddle synchronously in the same direction.

I assure you that at the end of shifts you can also draw some very healthy conclusions.

Programme duration is from 3 days to .. how you can resist in a kayak :-) ,  shift can be completed at Mile 23, Crisan or elsewhere in the Delta.

therapy in kayakPrice will be set for each case depending on the number of days, the end point of the tour, optionals required.

If you are tempted to try this program, feel free to write us (with details) to iliuta@fotonatura.ro.

We wait  … to pickup you happy at the end of the tour :-) .

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